Our Story

As with many of the best ideas, Everdura originated in the chaos of quarantine during the spring of 2020. While living with family in the rural United States, our co-founders couldn't stop dreaming of sunny afternoons back in the Caribbean sipping passionfruit juice and cooking sweet plantains with grandma.

Desperate for a taste of home and tired of trying to make sancocho with butternut squash, we realized there MUST be a better way to get food from our cultural cuisines without bringing it back ourselves in an overstuffed suitcase or driving hours to the nearest ethnic grocery store for the kinds of food sold abundantly in the mercado back home.

Our founding team brings together years of experience importing specialty produce to the U.S. and selling it wholesale, developing nationally-recognized ecommerce websites, and building Latinx professional communities from the ground up.

Everdura's mission is to digitally enable easy access to culturally-relevant specialty food products for currently underserved communities.

Our long-term vision is to close the grocery gap for immigrant communities across the US and create the first "farm-to-table" movement specifically for multicultural cuisines.